Your Free Local Sharps Disposal Site

Shattuck Pharmacy is proud to help serve our community with our free* sharps disposal program. As of July 2012, the disposal of sharps (syringes, lancets, needles, etc.) in regular household trash has been banned in Massachusetts, punishable by a fine or imprisonment. The Department of Public Health has initiated an effort to increase the safety of working conditions for municipal crews and residents, through reducing the threat of blood-borne illness by accidental "sticking".

The Department of Public Health has provided a list of the sharps disposal sites in Massachusetts available on their website HERE.

Our Program

Just as the State wants to protect municipal workers and Commonwealth residents, there are rules regulating the safe disposal of sharps. At Shattuck Pharmacy, we have received OSHA Biohazard Safety Training in Blood-borne Pathogens. We have Biohazard Safety containers that comply with the State's Sanitation Code. Every precaution is taken to help you dispose of your sharps safely.

Who is Eligible?

Our program is open to any** person who needs to dispose of household sharps in a safe manner.

How Can You Dispose of Sharps at Shattuck Pharmacy?

In order for us to remain in compliance with State requirements, we can only accept sharps in acceptable containers. Acceptable containers can be either an approved sharps disposal container with a biohazard symbol, or simply a leak-resistant, puncture-resistant, and shatter-proof household container which can be tightly capped and sealed.

What Should You Do?

  • Choose an appropriate container. If you are not sure if your container is acceptable, please give us a call (508) 393-2670. We're here to help.
  • Containers for disposal should be filled with sharps, so please select a container of approriate volume.
  • Please prepare your drop-off in the safety of your own residence. We will not accept loose sharps. Regulations prohibit the transfer of sharps to their appropriate containers on our premises.

Examples of Acceptable Household Containers

Household items like small laundry detergent containers, soda bottles, coffee cans (with lid tightly sealed), etc.

In a Hurry?

Do you need to dispose of your sharps and pick up a prescription? No problem! Call ahead for a refill and bring your sharps in when you pick up your medicine - one stop convenience!

You are not a current patient at Shattuck Pharmacy? Transfers are easy as 1-2-3!
Find out more HERE.

*We will not charge you any fee for this service. If you wish to make a donation, 100% will benefit the Northborough Helping Hands Association. See above.

**We will NOT accept professional or commercial sharps waste (only residential/personal use)

We're Giving Back

Administration of this sharps disposal program is costly, however all costs will be covered by Shattuck Pharmacy as a service to our community.

If you wish to show appreciation for this service, Shattuck Pharmacy will accept donations, and 100% of these will benefit the Northborough Helping Hands Association, a local non-profit volunteer group which provides services to needy members of our community. Read more about them and their mission HERE.