Shattuck Pharmacy Services

We Accept Most Prescription Drug Plans
As of Janurary 1st, 2011, we now are accepting more prescription drug plans than ever. Call us to see if we accept your plan: (508) 393-2670
New Prescriptions
Shattuck Pharmacy fills new prescriptions from your prescriber and checks for interactions with other medications that you may be taking. We check for allergies and possible reactions to your new medication.
We are capable of filling hard copy (paper), telephoned, faxed, and electronic prescriptions
RefillsNew Prescriptions
We are a little old fashioned when it comes to refills and with good reason. We will only fill refills upon your request, we do not do, "auto-refills". "Auto-refills", can create medication confusions when therapies are altered and are in our view, not best practice.
Prescription transfers are very easy. They do not take long (pending the other end), and you can start receiving your medication from us in three steps:
  • Gather your prescription information, and if you have prescription drug coverage that will help you pay for your medications, gather this as well and call* our pharmacy at (508) 393-2670
  • We will call either your previous pharmacy to accept a transfer of your prescription, or we can call your physician to start you at our pharmacy with a fresh set of refills
  • Come in and pick up your medications, it's that easy!
*Walk-ins are welcome
Free Sharps Disposal
Shattuck Pharmacy offers a free sharps disposal service. Read more about it HERE
Do you take prescriptions too? No problem, we can get your prescriptions ready for when you wish to drop off your sharps! Find your over the counters too! Shattuck Pharmacy: One-Stop Convenience and Quality Care through Generations.
Extensive OTC's
Shattuck Pharmacy has an extensive selection of competitively priced Over-The-Counter medications and products. Walk in and view our selection, and if you can't find something, please ask and if we have it, we will get it for you, and if we do not, we will see if we can order it.
Special Order's
Often times we find patients come to our pharmacy to find unique products. If we don't have your requested product, we will do our best to order it, and if we cannot order it, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.
Blister Packages for Nursing Homes and LTC
Blister packaging, or "bubble packs" are available to patients who are in long term care, nursing homes, and other program. We fill single-medication blisters to ensure accuracy and patient safety, eliminating confusion of what tablet is what medication. If you feel you or your patient would be eligible for such packaging call and inquire.
Patient Medication History
For your tax season, or just for your own knowledge, we will print out a history of your medications and expenses for any time period that you request.
This is what the pharmacy profession is about. Our pharmacy is not soley here to dispense the correct medication, this is one part of our operation. Our focus is on healthcare and providing our patients with trusted information so they can live healthy lives.
If you have questions about a medication, our pharmacists are experienced, educated, and happy to provide the consultation you seek.
We Accept Visa/Mastercard/Discover
Shattuck Pharmacy is SIGIS certified and utilizes a pci compliant Point of Sale system to accept your debit/credit/FSA/HRA cards.