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Mission of
The mission of this website is to provide interested individuals with quality health information that can be trusted. Issues that arise often, medical information that is current, and general health information are all provided free of charge in an effort for public health awareness. Some content has financial information in it, such information is intended for awareness, and is not to substitute a financial professional's advice. Medical and health information on is meant to raise awareness of issues and also is not meant to substitute and health care professional's advice. In our profession attention to detail is paramount, and we intend to pay speical attention to such when providing our users with quality content.

In using this site, you accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions stated below.

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
This policy is to state that we do not collect any personal information. Our website collects cookies solely for the use with "Google Analytics" as a means to monitor traffic and maintain the Shattuck Pharmacy Website. We do not share this traffic data with any entity, and it will not be sold to any entity. This policy applies to

By visiting, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Disclosure of Website Funding Sources
Shattuck Pharmacy pays maintenance and hosting to AVIA! Consulting and does so with Shattuck Pharmacy funds. Shattuck Pharmacy is the sole source of funding: no other entities pay for, donate to, or contribute to the funding of this website. Associations, Societies, and Groups that the Shattuck Pharmacy may be involved with, or members of, do not provide any funding for this website, and we will not accept offers for such. All content published on is researched, written, and published by employees of Shattuck Pharmacy and there are no outside interests which influence such.

Your personal browsing is anonymous and we will not collect information of who you are. Through "Google Analytics" special data on location may be collected and used by Shattuck Pharmacy webmaster in an effort to monitor the target locations of the Pharmacy's area of service. Through our use of "Google Analytics", the Shattuck Pharmacy is bound by the terms and agreements with usage of such service. Device and operating system may be monitored in an effort to provide continuity across multi-browser platforms.

A copy of this policy can be found here: TERMS OF SERVICE.
A copy of the Analytics privacy Policy can be found here: PRIVACY POLICY.

The testimonials that we display on this website are positive words from our patrons. They gave consent to publish their unaltered words on our site, and they did so with the intent to give us feedback on how we are doing, or have done.

We do not sell or rent any information online to any entities for any purposes. Shattuck Pharmacy may use its analytic data to improve user experience and provide enhanced quality services, content, as well as monitor effectiveness of such alterations.

We will NEVER accept any offers from other entities to advertise on and pledge to NEVER take part in receiving monies for such. Shattuck Pharmacy reserves the right to promote businesses and services that are deemed appropriate for our viewers, and this is left to the discretion of the webmaster. Such endorsements of other services are not to be understood as medical advice and should not be viewed as such. A medical professional should always be consulted before the initiation of any change in health care.

Terms and Conditions
Personal viewing of the Shattuck Pharmacy website is permitted, however duplicating content without the permission of Shattuck Pharmacy is forbidden. Users who wish to duplicate content or wish to provide Shattuck Pharmacy content to others may do so by linking on their website to ours, or the user should seek Shattuck Pharmacy permissions for physical/hard copy duplication. The sale of Shattuck Pharmacy content is forbidden. By using this site you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that the content on this site is NOT a substitute for the consultation of a health care professional. You agree that this site is not a substitute for medical care, and that in case of an emergency, you will seek emergency medical care and/or call 911.

Will this policy change?
The Shattuck Pharmacy may implement new technologies to improve our scope of service and provide quality information and care. In order to acheive this, the Shattuck Pharmacy may change and alter this policy in an effort to facilitate such improvements. Should this change be necessary, the policy will be updated and a posting will be made that such change has occurred to give viewers the opportunity to review such modifications.

It is your responsibility to review the Shattuck Pharmacy Website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for changes.

Original Published:February 2013

Revised:February 2013