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What Allergy Medications Are Available?
Be prepared this allergy season with knowledge about different available treatments both medicinal and non-pharmacologic.
(April 2013)
Probiotics: What You Should Know
The marketing of probiotics and their benefits to our health is crescendoing. Each probiotic makes different claims as to its effectiveness, and with all this information it is difficult to make a choice. Here is some information on probiotics that you should know.
(June 2012)
Broad Spectrum UVA/B Sunblock and Other Skin Cancer Precautions
The harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation are forever present, but here are some ways you can protect yourself and still have fun in the sun.
(June 2012)
The Poison Ivy Allergic Reaction: Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Summer is here and its time to be outside enjoying the great outdoors. Be mindful of the particular areas in which poison ivy grows, as exposure to urushiol, the plants' oleoresin can cause allergic contact dermatitis.
(2012 May)
Hand Washing: An Easy Way to Avoid Getting Sick
This season take preventative measures to avoid getting sick. Start with the easiest: wash your hands properly; it only takes seconds and greatly reduces your risk of illness. Remember: in the absence of warm water and soap, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.
(2011 October)
New Dosing on Infants' Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops
An industry-wide transition is set to occur on concentrated acetaminophen infants' drops this year. This transition is in accordance with an FDA Advisory Committee's recommendation in an effort to reduce instances of overdose and create uniform dosing instructions.
(2011 August)
New Dosing on Tylenol® and Acetaminophen Containing Products
McNeil Consumer Healthcare releases new dosing instructions on its Extra Strength Tylenol® (acetaminophen) in an effort to lessen the possiblility of accidental acetaminophen overdose.
(2011 July)
How Much Tylenol® is Too Much
An overview of the dangers of consuming too much Tylenol® (acetaminophen), and raising awareness on acetaminophen containing medicines.
(2011 April)
Controversy over Proton Pump Inhibitors
Understanding how Proton Pump Inhibitors work and the health risks that are possible from prolonged use of medicine of this class.
(2011 April)

In The News

Levoxyl® Voluntarily Recalled at the Pharmacy Level

Pfizer has conducted a careful risk assessment and has determined that there is little to no risk of any adverse health events due to this packaging defect.  Regardless, Pfizer, King, and the FDA have worked together and decided to voluntarily recall at the pharmacy level, all Levoxyl strengths.

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