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Sildenafil Citrate is a traditional treatment for male health problems, especially erectile dysfunction and similar conditions. However, apart from sexual disorders in men, pharmacists paid due attention to female issues and created an excellent formula of this drug for women.

Currently, Lady Era is offered mainly online as a powerful treatment that boosts female libido, promotes orgasms and enhances sensitivity. The same Sildenafil Citrate is the active component of the drug that stimulates potential effects and guarantees a satisfactory sexual experience. Lady Era may also be administered for other purposes, not specified in the safety guide, but such therapy may require supervision of a qualified medical specialist.

Moreover, if you buy Lady Era online, you need to contact the doctor first. The vast majority of Internet-based platforms offer professional medical assistance and help patients to take the drug safely, without unwanted reactions.


Drug Name: Lady Era
Tablet Strength: 100 mg
Price: From $0.98 per pill
Payment Method: MasterCard, Paypal, Bitcoin
Delivery Time: 3 - 8 business days
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How to Experience Pleasurable and Satisfactory Sex with Lady Era?

Ordering the medication online or purchasing it in the local drugstore, a patient needs to care about the safety of the future treatment course. Basically, striving to experience ultimate sensitivity in the vaginal area and get unforgettable pleasure from sexual intercourse, a woman should take Lady Era right in accordance with the safety instructions.

Containing Sildenafil Citrate as an active ingredient, the drug promotes an increased blood circulation around an organism. Consequently, the slightest change in the treatment course may result in dangerous outcomes and unwanted reactions.

Lady Era should not be used on a daily basis. Instead, take one tablet 30-60 minutes before presumable intercourse. The components of the drug get activated and start working within this period of time.

Contraindications and Warnings to Mind before You Buy Lady Era Online

The important point necessary to mind before you get Lady Era online is the safety of future therapy. Make sure you cooperate with a trusted drugstore and get a quality remedy. Then check if you don't have any restrictions or contraindications for Lady Era use.

The drug is recommended for female use only, so children and males are not approved for the course. Patients who have a history of allergic reactions to Sildenafil Citrate or other components should avoid Lady Era intake.

Start with the lowest dose that promotes positive reactions, especially if you are also diagnosed with other health issues, such as:


  •  Heart disorders;
  •  Kidney or liver problems;
  •  Increased or decreased hypertension;
  •  Enhanced cholesterol level and others.
  •  Side Effects and Misuse Outcomes

Seek immediate medical help if you have got any abnormalities or dangerous health problems associated with Lady Era use. Contact the customer support team or seek medical help if mild to moderate disorders have started bothering you.