Shattuck Pharmacy's History

Northborough Town Hall After successful completion of his apprenticeship, a young man from Vermont became licensed to practice as a pharmacist. Independent in nature, with a preference to work for himself, he sought to purchase a drug store to call his own. Downtown Northborough offered the perfect opportunity, with a drug store located on the first floor of the Town Hall Building. Mr. Wood, who had operated the store for several years agreed to sell his business to the ambitious fellow from Vermont.

The year 1898 was momentous for Claude Shattuck and his wife. They purchased a home in downtown Northborough, and he became the proprietor of the town's drug store, newly renamed as Shattuck Pharmacy. Little could he foresee that the business would remain in the family for generations, and prosper into the 21st century.

Howard ShattuckThe pharmacy profession has changed over the past century. Medications are not only much more plentiful, but much more potent as well. Very few medications are still manufactured in the pharmacy using compounding skills. Training simply through apprenticeship has long been abandoned. As pharmacists, we optimize care by counseling patients to use medication properly and responsibly.

Over the same century, our community has retained its comforting, "small town," character. Over those years, Shattuck Pharmacy has not grown bigger, but better. We recognize people as individuals, and address their individual needs. We don't answer to tiers of corporate managers; instead, our responsibility is to our loyal customers and patients. Back in the, "old days," people would travel from surrounding communities and beyond to indulge in our famous ice cream sodas. When the store relocated, those sodas became a fond memory and a pastime for conversation, but the personable service remained the same. Today, those people continue to come to Shattuck Pharmacy for reputable and trustworthy service.

We welcome you to join them.