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Paul ShattuckPharmacists get asked many questions, and in our case, over generations, we have come to find that some questions are repeated. To help out patients in every way possible we have this area designated to answering questions that occur frequently in our practice. This is not to deter you from asking us! We want to provide you with an additional means of finding the answers that you seek with your healthcare concerns.

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Why Is My Vicodin® Prescription A Different Dose?
Due to an advisory by the FDA and the Drug Safety and Advisory Committee, drug manufacturers have been asked to limit the strength of acetaminophen in applicable APAP containing medications: Vicodin® is one of these drugs affected by this advisory.
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What Is An FSA And How Can It Help Me With My Health Costs?
Depending on your situation, a Flexible Spending Account could be a useful tool to help mitigate your medical expenses. The Affordable Care Act made significant changes to how these programs work, but they can still be very beneficial to those who use them.
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What Can I Do If My Medication Is Not Covered By My Medicare Part D?
Some medicines are excluded from coverage under the Medicare Part D program and leave little information for the pharmacist to explain to the patient. We attempt to answer this question and provide information on the options you may have.
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How Long Are My Prescriptions Valid For?
Why does my prescription have a quantity remaining, but I cannot get it filled? We answer this question and explain the different control levels of medications, and the limitations on filling them.
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Unused/Expired Medications, Needles, or Syringes: What do I do with them?
Our pharmacy cannot accept unused/expired medications for refund, however there are some options to help protect our drinking water, environment, children's safety, and from potential abuse.
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Medicare Part D Coverage Gap
Pharmacists in a retail setting, by law, cannot help you to choose a particular plan (as this would be a conflict of interest), but we can give you some of the logistics on how the system works.
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Medication Alerts

Levoxyl® Recalled at the Pharmacy Level

Pfizer has conducted a careful risk assessment and has determined that there is little to no risk of any adverse health events due to this packaging defect.  Regardless, Pfizer, King, and the FDA have worked together and decided to voluntarily recall at the pharmacy level, all Levoxyl strengths.

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Original Published:March 2011

Revised:June 2012